Welcome to Karen’s Adult Family Home & Respite Care. We hope and pray you enjoy your stay with us no matter how long or how short. That you feel this is your home. We encourage you to be active. When we love we are our best selves. When we work we feel needed, purposeful, and complete. Together these two things are the building blocks of a happy life. Karen's offers a residential alternative to a large CBRF, Nursing Home, or Large facility, and is designed to provide dignity, hope, and meaning to 4 adults. We at Karen’s Adult Family Home are here to help you in the tasks life will bring you!

So many in-house and out of the house options!

All of these are examples of regular activities at Karen's.

  • Dinner/Lunch and a movie
  • Shopping trips
  • Walks to the park
  • Bike rides
  • Church
  • As an active of a lifestyle as you desire
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